Swiss bank secrecy began with the Banking Act of 1934. This act made disclosing account holder information to third parties a crime. As a result, substantial capital found its way into the coffers banks in Switzerland. The landscape is a bit different today. Nonetheless, the Swiss boast some of the strongest, most robust banks on the planet.

What is (or was) Swiss Banking Secrecy? Further reading. For legal details on Swiss Banking Secrecy, consult the unofficial English translation of the relevant provision Swiss Banking Act, Art. 47.. Two examples of articles written, some time ago, on the limits of Swiss Banking Secrecy:. Maurice Aubert, ‘The limits of Swiss Banking Secrecy … Bank Secrecy - Swiss Banking Act of 1934 | Swiss Banking Swiss Banking Act of 1934. Main article: Banking in Switzerland See also: Tax evasion in Switzerland. Bank secrecy was codified by the 1934 Swiss Banking Act following a public scandal in France, when MP Fabien Alberty denounced tax evasion by eminent French personalities, including politicians, judges, industrialists, church dignitaries and directors of newspapers, who were hiding their money Swiss Banking Secrecy Rule Dealt Setback in Month to Oct 19, 2018

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Bank Secrecy Laws (Switzerland) - Laux Lawyers AG For information on global bank secrecy laws, see Practice Note, Global Bank Secrecy Laws: Overview (W-002-8052). SWITZERLAND BANK SECRECY LEGAL FRAMEWORK Article 47 of the Swiss Federal Act on Banks and Savings Banks (amended 2016) (Banking Act), is the primary law governing bank secrecy in Switzerland. Those disclosing customer data in The Origins of the Swiss Banking Secrecy Law and Its For all its notoriety and controversial character, the history of Swiss banking secrecy remains largely unexplored. This article traces the crucial phases of its development. It reveals that the maintenance and reinforcement of banking secrecy represented a major objective of Swiss authorities throughout the twentieth century, and exerted a

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