Network traffic associated with a user is lawfully intercepted by mirroring data packets flowing to and from the user for which interception has been designated. A unique packet structure enables analysis of mirrored data packets of any network type. In one implementation, a packet structure comprises routable packets that encapsulate the mirrored packet stream.

This allows the L2TP peer, be it a LAC or LNS, to reassemble the two fragments into the original 1540 byte tunnel-encapsulated packet. The Issues. One of the problems that Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) over User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and other Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP-based tunneling protocols face is that the overhead of the tunneling L2TP VPN vs PPTP VPN-difference between L2TP VPN,PPTP VPN Above is the structure of a PPTP packet containing user data. Above is the PPTP Control Connection Packet. Above is the PPTP Tunneled data structure. L2TP VPN. L2TP stands for Layer2 Tunneling Protocol. L2TP - Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Jan 02, 2013 L2TP Implementation - AR100, AR120, AR160, AR1200, AR2200 Enterprise Products, Solutions and Services for Enterprise. Corporate About Huawei, Press & Events , and More

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How Does L2TP Work? The data transmitted via the L2TP/IPSec protocol is usually authenticated twice. Each data packet transmitted via the tunnel includes L2TP headers. As a result, the data is de-multiplexed by the server. The double authentication of the data slows down performance, but it does provide the highest security.