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I don't know of anyway to step through the execution of a .bat file but you can use echo and pause to help with debugging.. ECHO Will echo a message in the batch file. Such as ECHO Hello World will print Hello World on the screen when executed. While saving the file you give extension as bat file but save it as a txt file and not all files and Encoding ANSI; If the program still doesn't run save the batch file and the python script in same folder and specify the path of this folder in Environment Variables. Some seriously outdated Windows versions used .bat, though I recommend sticking with the more modern .cmd to avoid some rare side effects with .bat files. With the .cmd file extension, you can use just about filename you like. I recommend avoiding spaces in filenames, as spaces only create headaches in shell scripting. Batch Script: A batch script is a text file that contains certain commands that are executed in sequence. It is used to simplify certain repetitive tasks or routines in the Windows, DOS and OS/2 operating systems, and is also used in complex network and system administration. A batch script has a file extension of .bat, .cmd or .btm.

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Batch Scripting Language Tutorial for Beginners

By default, all the variables in batch file programs are GLOBAL. Like any other programming language, Batch or DOS programming also has a definition for global and local variables. As we mentioned, by default all the variables are global in a batch script, but they can be used as the local variable by using SETLOCAL command.

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