8 ways to protect your private information online

8 Tips to Protect Your Personal Information | Inc.com Feb 01, 2017 Protecting Personal Information - Social Security Password protect and encrypt personal information stored on these devices both on and off the work site. Encrypt files with personal information before deleting them from your computer or a peripheral storage device. This will ensure that unauthorized users cannot recover the files. Lock or log off the computer when leaving it unattended. How Do You Protect Your Personal Information Online Apr 14, 2019

Oct 11, 2019

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Securing your personal or company information against loss, damage, or theft is essential to the well-being of every organization. That’s why your business needs a monthly security check-up. Call us, 301-337-3100, or fill out the form below for a complimentary consultation.

3 Ways HIM Professionals Protect Patient Data To truly protect patient data, healthcare organizations need to have policies in place to minimize the chance that information will be compromised. Members of the HIM department are often responsible for creating and maintaining these types of standards, which aid providers and other employees in handling data properly to protect patient Protect your phone, personal information - WorkLife Jul 21, 2020