Certificate-based authentication - Azure Active Directory

May 25, 2011 Mapping a Client Certificate to a User During Mutual Active Directory. If Tableau Server is configured to use Active Directory for user authentication, when Tableau Server receives a client certificate, it passes the certificate to Active Directory, which maps the certificate to an Active Directory identity. Any explicit user name information in the certificate is ignored. How to configure TMG for SSL Client Certificate Authentication

Windows AD client machine certificate authentication

If you plan to import the certificate into the Active Directory Domain Services certificate store, then should also mark the private key as exportable. Click OK . Return to the Certificates or Certsrv console and in the details pane of Certificate Templates , right-click an open area of the console, click New , and then click Certificate Simply put: How does certificate-based authentication work “Since the Certificate was issued by Active Directory’s Certificate Authority, then authenticating that certificate is the same as an Active Directory authentication” Certificates and authentication - Citrix Docs

Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) without Federation

Configure web-tier authentication with Integrated Windows