Dec 29, 2016 · A LINGERING /DELAY at boot once every 9 or 10 boots is not an issue, I can deal with that, had it been more frequent or longer than a few minutes I would surely be alarmed.

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Internet Connection Randomly Drops for a Few Seconds

Jayn1, I can certainly assist you with your data connection. I understand how important it is to have a reliable data connection. What zip code is this and what device are you using? If the device has a removable battery, try removing it for a few seconds. Let me know more details so that I can assist. Thanks, MarquiaF_VZW Internet drops connection every few seconds. : Comcast Internet drops connection every few seconds. Support. We just set up service two days ago using all Comcast equipment. Every time we do a speed test, with any speed test provider, the connection starts off strong, then suddenly drops and the progress bars freeze. Maybe a third of the time the connection will work again, briefly.

Re: The internet speed is dropping to zero in every few

SOLVED: Lag spikes every 5 seconds. :: Counter-Strike